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Preston Foundation Scholarship

The Mary Hicks Preston and Ralph T Preston Scholarship Fund will award a scholarship to a high school senior based on demonstrated community involvement, academics, and financial need, and an express interest in college, trade school or military.

This Scholarship is funded by a grant from the Mary Hicks Preston Historical Improvement and Betterment Foundation, Inc. The Foundation was formed with a bequest from the Estate of Mary Hicks Preston.  Mrs. Preston was a humble woman who lived a quiet life, with her husband, Ralph T Preston, in the Village of Phelps. The Foundation is committed to supporting and ensuring the family’s priorities of Historical Preservation, Education, Socialization, Recreation, and Culture for the residents of the Village and Town of Phelps and the surrounding area.


The students eligible for assistance must be graduating high school seniors who reside in the Phelps-Clifton Springs School district and intend to continue their education through college, trade school or the military. Consideration will be given to student’s community service, academics, financial need.  Students should submit a scholarship application. Qualified applicants will be selected by the Midlakes high school scholarship selection committee.  The recipient will be selected by the Mary Hicks Preston Board and will be announced at the Midlakes high school graduation ceremony.


Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis and disbursed in equal payments in August and January. Students must continue to attend classes and maintain no lower than a 3.0 grade-point average (or equivalent for Trade school or Military).


The scholarship awarded will be up to $5,000 annually, for up to 4 Years ($20,000 total) to be paid in two equal installments per year. There will be (1) scholarship awarded per year.


The application deadline is April 1st. No applications will be accepted after that date. The Scholarship Application must be submitted to the Midlakes High School Office.