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Driving Safely Through Work Zones

Published May 16, 2024
Driving Safely Through Work Zones

Work Zone Safety Tips: 

Pay attention: Keep eyes on the road especially while traveling through work zones. Avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, and conversations with passengers. Watch for signage indicating speed and lane changes as well as flaggers that may be directing travel.

Slow Down: Slow down while approaching a work zone. Lane closures and traffic pattern shifts are common in work zones. Follow the directions of the flagger.

Keep a safe distance: Rear end collisions account for many work zone accidents. Keep a safe distance between you and other cars, workers, and equipment. Expect the unexpected!

Plan Ahead: Stay up to date and check traffic reports before hitting the road. Leave early if you know you will have to travel through a work zone. 

Be Patient: Road work and work zones can be inconvenient. Remember our crews are working to improve roads and make the roads safer.